From a childhood spent in a jazz saxophonist’s collections of world musical instruments, the taste for improvisation and exploration remains. I was introduced to the electric guitar at a very early age, but my curiosity always drew me back to literature and philosophy.

Simultaneously, different projects took place: performances of electronic music with or without synthesizers in Parisian squats (La Miroiterie, La Générale…) alongside many artists, among which the visual artists Benjamin Efrati and Marin Esteban. These projects led me eventually to perform at the Salon d’Art Contemporain de Montrouge

My first experiences in alternative rock projects were with Home & Dry (future Red Money), the model Xenia Tsvirko (Metropolitan Agency), or Alix (future Extraa, future Hier Soir), and they led me from club to club until the Café de la Danse. For a while, I was a studio musician, notably for Matthieu Hubrecht (Mhud, Les 7 Lagunes / Differ Ant). The decisive meeting I had with Jacques Erwan (Libération, Radio France, Le Printemps de Bourges) gave me the chance to start singing and the opportunity to perform at Le Théâtre de la Ville. La Batterie, Arcadi and Île-de-France Region allowed me to develop my ideas and turn them into projects.

The live shows organised with my collective FC MANIFESTO made it possible to share stages with artists as varied as VOX LOW, MADEMOISELLE K, IGNATUS, ÉQUIPE DE FOOT, STUCK IN THE SOUND, GRAND BLANC, PAULINE DRAND, ETSUKO CHIDA, but little by little the aesthetic changed, and soon the Tristan Faustt project took shape with one idea in mind: keeping up with the will to explore while using the techniques and pieces of knowledge songwriting and performing taught me. I want to explore the limits of electronic music, jazz, noise. 

In May 2021, I am lucky enough to be the winner of the ART ZOYD STUDIOS call for projects, which will result in a commission from the creation centre. On the programme, an electronic escape for analogue synthesizers, percussions and mellotrons around “Symphonie pour le jour où brûleront les cités” by GÉRARD HOURBETTE. This work was recorded on the IN-POSSIBLE RECORDS label and released in a boxed set with the different versions of this piece.

In 2022, the Alice Total project began, an electronic live for synthesizers and computer calibrated for non-equipped venues, whose first track was released on March 2023 on all platforms, distributed by Kuroneko.

To be continued!